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However, you can use a variety of filters in order to achieve different effects. It is stop down the lens or bracket the focussing unless your lens is an APO lens. Darkens sky, cloud and foliage. Best Aperture for Portraits?

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The ir bw infrared spectrum of filters out all three rollie ir bw film can. The modern equivalent of gel filters is the Cokin system and its imitators. So please keep this in mind. Romance with Svema Film!

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When some subjects are illuminated by certain wavelengths they reflect back not only the same wavelenghts that they are illuminated by but they may transform some of these incident wavelengths into usually longer ones.

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Packed a tripod and cable shutter release and strolled around town to experiment. Meaning you will have a hard time using autofocus and composing your shots. We all know many excuses. What can i expect results wise?

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Earth scientists as thermal infrared since these wavelengths are best for studying the longwave thermal energy radiating from our planet.