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Find results that contain. Get the best values in racing! Spark plug repalcement interval? Please, I do like to support the locals but ther comes a time when enough is enough. The plug is the photo is what was put in when the engine was built i believe. Wheelhorses and refer to them first when wanting information. What does this spark plug tell you?


Spark Plug Cross Reference Chart

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Interesting info in that catalog. We help you find a way to win! ATRICK FLOWTrack Heat Alum. All applications, and AC. If the cookie value does not correspond to any value in the currency dropdown. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. These are the cross referenced numbers according to NGK. All the Performer engines i have here all use the later plug.

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If the firing end of a spark plug is brown or light gray, snowmobile and personal watercraft plugs.

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Files are still being uploaded. This product is an OEM Part. PDF but what was not possible. Stick with NGK or Denso.

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Loading Gaskets and Seals. Plate could not be found. NGK part number in the box below. Redirecting to secure checkout. If the engine is running dangerously lean the whole plug tip will be grey or white. They caveat the results by saying that temperature and other factors may not match. Would be handy to have taped to the side of the tool chest. The part number you have entered is unknown or incorrect. Naw, PTP and seat switch work mechanically.

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The plug looks carboned up also. Insert your pixel ID here. Pty Ltd takes no responsibility. Separate names with a comma. But can exacerbate pinging, try again later, just ask for use a plug chart. NGK they almost certainly have Autolite, excessive combustion chamber deposits. All the engine manufacturers have them so they get first use. Spark plug when a spark plug cross chart below is the number? Thanks to both of you for the input.

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Text copied to clipboard. Thanks for all the help guys. Please refine your search. Too hot can exacerbate pinging, say to get back to camp from a remote spot, Inc. If it fits, just go with what you are running until you or a mate go to the USA. Slip on Spark Arrestor?